Pathogens in Augmented Reality (PathogenAR)

Explore NIAID Research to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Pathogenic Disease


PathogenAR is an Augmented Reality application from the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Explore interactive stories about pathogens and pathogenic disease using touch gestures or a Merge Cube Device.


Augmented reality (AR) technology combines a real-world view with computer-generated assets. AR devices range from high-end wearable headsets to smartphone-based applications that can be used with or without inexpensive stereoscopic viewer accessories. Our research and others' work has shown the potential to dramatically change biomedical research, education, and clinical practice by the use of AR. We were particularly interested in the potential for mobile AR apps with image-tracking-based interactivity as a convenient method for researchers and students to communicate and learn about structural and functional features of biomolecules and viruses. To this end, we have developed PathogenAR as means to share mini-stories or "Modules" about specific research and pathogen-related topics. Much of this research is happening within the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Watch a video to see a demonstration of PathogenAR

Main Areas of Focus

To be an educational tool aimed at the general public to provide insight surrounding viral and bacterial pathogens

Available Modules

How To Get Started

Download the app from the App Store.

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Research Team

  • Kristen Browne MS, MSBMC: Unity Developer and 3D Artist

  • Philip Cruz, Ph.D.: Structural Biologist

  • Samuel Ezeji: UI/UX Designer

  • Meghan McCarthy, Ph.D.: Program Lead, 3D Printing and Biovisualization

  • Michael Dolan, Ph.D.: Head, Bioinformatics Software Section

  • Lewis Kim, M.P.H.: Lead, Bioinformatics Software Section

Contact Information

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