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Understand NIAID Research Priorities

To maximize your chance of funding, create an application that fits NIAID research priorities. Even an investigator-initiated application can be closely targeted to fit. Review Council-approved concepts, find clues in our initiative list, check NIH databases, and contact an NIAID program officer.

After each Council meeting, review Council-approved concepts

Concepts represent the very earliest planning stage of a research initiative: a program announcement (PA), request for applications (RFA), or solicitation. Published initiatives announce NIH funding opportunities in high-priority areas of science.

Even at this pre-initiative stage, concepts can be useful to you. To find concepts by NIAID division and learn how to interpret them, go to Concepts: Potential Opportunities.

Check our initiatives to see advertised areas of science

Consider applying for a Solicited, NIAID-Requested Research initiative if the topic matches your area of expertise. All RFAs and many other initiatives have funding set-asides.

Check our lists at NIAID Grant Funding Opportunities and NIAID Contract Solicitations. To learn more about award types, go to Find a Funding Opportunity.

Review NIAID’s strategic plans, mission, and priorities

Find NIAID's Strategic Plans on the Budget & Planning page, check the Mission and Planning Overview, and learn about NIAID’s research portfolio at Role in Research

If you qualify for our Small Business Programs, don’t miss the High-Priority Areas of Interest for the NIAID Small Business Program.

Assess what research is already funded to unearth gaps in your field

Ferret out the gaps in your field, paying particular attention to areas the Institute considers to be high priority. Learn how to See Funded Projects and More Using NIH Databases.

Contact an NIAID program officer for more information and advice about opportunities

Contact an NIAID program officer to discuss any of the topics you found in the options above and ask about the possibility of other high-priority areas that match your areas of expertise. Find contacts and instructions at When to Contact a NIAID Program Officer.

You could use one of those topics as the basis of an investigator-initiated application or consider applying through an initiative.

If you are thinking about applying through an initiative, call the program officer listed in the announcement. Ask how well the initiative is suited to your research strengths and objectives.

Have Questions?

A program officer in your area of science can give you application advice, NIAID's perspective on your research, and confirmation that NIAID will accept your application.

Find contacts and instructions at When to Contact an NIAID Program Officer.

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