Office of Planning and Operations Support (OPOS)

OPOS Mission

The OPOS mission is to provide innovative services and management solutions to optimize the effectiveness of DCR in facilitation of NIAID clinical research and special projects.

In support of its mission, the OPOS will

  • Facilitate quality and efficiency in NIAID clinical research
  • Integrate the Division of Clinical Research (DCR) strategic planning process
  • Develop and coordinate technical solutions for DCR
  • Provide a centralized DCR liaison function for external inquiries
  • Coordinate learning and professional development initiatives
  • Oversee DCR’s administrative and regulatory functions
  • Participate in clinical research activities as directed by the Deputy Director for Clinical Research and Special Projects
  • Facilitate professional development and training opportunities

Program Planning and Analysis Branch (PPAB)

The Program Planning and Analysis Branch (PPAB) is under the Office of Planning and Operations Support of the Division of Clinical Research. PPAB provides a full cadre of administrative services for DCR. The mission of the PPAB is to utilize a unique collaborative approach to gain an in-depth understanding of DCR programs’ missions and evolving goals in order to provide the highest quality, comprehensive “one-stop” solutions and services.


OPOS Staff

PPAB Staff

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