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VRC Seminar Series Schedule

Tuesdays at 4 p.m. (except as noted): Building 40 (VRC), Room 1201

Date Name of Presenter Seminar Title
Feb. 13 Eli Boritz Understanding HIV Persistence at the Level of Individual Cells and Viruses
Feb. 20 Bette Korber Sequences Signatures and Immunogen Design
Feb. 27 Drew Weissman An RNA Approach to Vaccines
Mar. 6 David O’Connor Will Simian Arteriviruses Kill Us All?
Mar. 13 Neil King Nanoparticle Delivery of Vaccine Immunogens
Mar. 20 Nichole Klatt Microbial Interactions in HIV Infection
Mar. 27 David Evans Mechanisms of HIV-1 Resistance to ADCC
Apr. 03 Mark Slifka Immunological Memory – How Long it Can Last and How We Might Lose it
Apr. 10 Peter Crompton Recent Insights into the Molecular Basis of Malaria Immunity in Children
Apr. 17 Matthew Memoli Update on NIAID Influenza Challenge Studies
Apr. 24 Alejandro Balazs Vectored Immunotherapy and Escape from bNAbs
May 1 Ralph Baric Coronaviruses, Flaviviruses and Norovirus: Antibodies and Vaccines
May 8 Marie Pancera Structures of CSP-Directed Neutralizing Antibodies and Vaccine Implications
May 15 John Schiller Moving Toward a Single Dose HPV Vaccine
May 22 Sarah Fortune TBD
May 29 Jeff Ulmer Molecular Approaches to Streamline Vaccine Development
June 5 JoAnne Flynn TBD
June 12 Salim Abdool Karim Combination Antibodies and Passive Immunization to Prevent HIV in Young Women in Africa
Content last reviewed on January 18, 2018