CRS Transition - Scenario 2 - New to DAIDS CRS

Please follow the directions below for each CRS in the CTU designated as Scenario 2 in the CTU specific transition letter received from DAIDS. Due dates for completion of requirements are specified and the links will connect to applicable resources. Access to the DAIDS Learning Portal (DLP) will be necessary to access required trainings - please visit to create an account.

Complete within 6 months of notification, or as negotiated with the OCSO PO

If a CRS falls under scenario 2, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the indicated sections for New to DAIDS CRSs in the DAIDS CRS Transition Scenario Checklist. Please complete one checklist for each CRS in the CTU.
  2. Review the transition section packet sections for each DAIDS group using the links in the Additional Resources section and complete any requirements.
  3. Please see links for network study activation in the Network/HANC Transition Packet section in the Additional Resources section or consult the Network for protocol activation requirements for any upcoming studies due to begin after December 2020.

NOTE: Please download the transition packet, transition checklist, and close-out checklist and open them in Adobe Acrobat for best functionality.