NIAID Approach to Food Allergy Research

Identifying Causes of Food Allergy and Assessing Strategies for Prevention

Personal medical history, family history, age and other factors can influence the likelihood that a person develops food allergy. NIAID researchers are currently investigating the role that early introduction of common allergens plays in the prevention of food allergy. Read more about research to identify causes of food allergy and assess strategies for prevention.

Treatment for Living with Food Allergy

There is presently no cure for food allergy, but some experimental immunotherapies may decrease symptoms in some people with food allergy. Read more research that improves the lives of people living with food allergy.

Characterizing Food Allergy and Addressing Related Disorders

Research on disorders related to food allergy, such as oral allergy syndrome and eosinophilic esophagitis, may provide insight into new treatments and prevention options. The relationship between these related problems and food allergy is complex, however, and each condition requires careful monitoring. Read more about research that characterizes food allergy and addresses related disorders.

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