Lyme Disease Featured Research

Differentiating Lyme disease from STARI

It’s easy for people to overlook the importance of fast, reliable diagnostic tests in scientific research. Most often, ill patients focus on what treatment is available for them to recover. But without a timely and accurate diagnosis, physicians won’t know the most optimal treatment to provide. NIAID researchers are using metabolic biomarkers and biosignatures to distinguish Lyme disease from other diseases with similar symptoms, such as Southern Tick-Associated Rasjh Illness (STARI). Read more about Differentiating Lyme disease from STARI.

Current Efforts in Lyme Disease Research

The overarching goals of the NIAID Lyme disease research program are to develop better means of diagnosing, treating, and preventing this disease. To accomplish these objectives, the NIAID Lyme disease research portfolio includes a broad range of activities conducted by extramural and intramural investigators, spanning basic science through human clinical research studies designed to increase our understanding of this disease.  Read more about Current Efforts in Lyme Disease Research.

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