Volunteer To Annotate Immune Signatures Related to COVID-19

Funding News Edition: November 17, 2021
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Investigators supported by the Human Immunology Project Consortium (HIPC) are curating immune signatures related to COVID-19 from published literature through its COVID-19 Literature Annotation Project to enable the research community to easily access and interrogate published immune signatures related to COVID-19 infection, vaccination, and immune response. In addition, these signatures will be used in a related study Immunophenotyping Assessment in a COVID-19 Cohort.

The project will harness the power of crowdsourcing and leverage the HIPC Immune Signatures Dashboard to rapidly disseminate results.

You may have a role to play. Volunteer curators are needed to examine published papers and preprints to identify immune signatures and add the signature elements and certain well-defined metadata into an annotated spreadsheet with columns corresponding to components of a standardized immune signature data model.

Explore the websites above and message project coordinators Dr. Steve Kleinstein at steven.kleinstein@yale.edu or Dr. Aris Floratos at af2202@cumc.columbia.edu if you have questions about participating.

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