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Funding News Edition: October 08, 2020
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As you prepare your next FORMS-F grant application package, consult the Annotated Form Set for NIH Grant Applications: FORMS-F Series (PDF). NIH’s Office of Extramural Research (OER) also offers Annotated Form Sets for multiproject and small business grants.

Each form set starts with a summary of what’s new in version FORMS-F. Subsequent pages show OER’s annotations:

  • The typically required form fields have yellow highlights.
  • Blue notes offer tips on formatting, content, and electronic validations.

The following image shows an excerpt from the top of the first form:

Annotated Application FORMS-F

Annotated Application FORMS-F

Annotated Application FORMS-F

Although OER’s annotated forms are handy for quick reference, remember that they provide only general guidance. They may not reflect the unique requirements for your particular funding opportunity. You must follow the official instructions in your funding opportunity announcement, the NIH Guide, and How To Apply.

On a forms-related note, you may know that NIAID offers Sample Applications. Be aware that our samples all predate FORMS-F; they are typically at least a year old since we must wait until the applicants get their grants and publish preliminary results. You can still glean evergreen grantsmanship lessons from the Research Plan and other text sections of our samples.

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