“When and how will I know if my application hasn’t been selected for funding?”

Funding News Edition: July 07, 2021
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Upon receiving the application’s summary statement, check the overall impact score. If the application was unscored or did not score near the NIAID Paylines, your application is unlikely to be chosen for funding. NIH releases overall impact scores in the eRA Commons within three business days and uploads your summary statement within 30 days of the first-level peer review meeting.

You may then contact the program officer listed in the summary statement to discuss the probability of funding and get advice on what to do next if your application scored outside of our paylines.

Much later, NIH will send official notification to your institution that the application will not be funded; typically, 14 months after the Advisory Council meeting date listed in the Review section of the eRA Commons Status Information screen.

Read Know What a Summary Statement Means for more guidance on this topic.

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