“Are Filipinos considered an underrepresented minority by NIH as related to diversity supplement funding?”

Funding News Edition: November 03, 2021
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Asian-Americans, including those of heritage from the Philippine Islands, are not considered an underrepresented group in the biomedical sciences at the national level. However, as Notice of NIH's Interest in Diversity states, “…in addition, it is recognized that underrepresentation can vary from setting to setting; individuals from racial or ethnic groups that can be demonstrated convincingly to be underrepresented by the grantee institution should be encouraged to participate in this program.”

Consequently, grantee institutions would need to make the case that potential candidates who fall outside of the “eligible” race/ethnicity category are underrepresented locally or at their respective institution.

For additional guidance, contact NIH’s Division of Biomedical Research Workforce Office of Extramural Research.

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