Don’t Overlook Career Development Award for HIV/AIDS Scholars

Funding News Edition: November 16, 2022
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A recently reissued funding opportunity announcement (FOA) aims to support investigators within the first 10 years of completing their terminal professional degree or residency training in the field of HIV/AIDS translational studies using nonhuman primates (NHPs) as preclinical models. Following the experience, awardees should be prepared to launch independent research careers and compete for new research project grant (R01) funding.

Each award made through the FOA HIV/AIDS Scholars Using Nonhuman Primate (NHP) Models Program (K01, Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed) will provide 3 years of support for intensive research career development under the guidance of an experienced mentorship team, with expertise in both the preclinical application of NHP HIV/AIDS models and in translation of the results from such studies to clinical application in humans.

NIAID is especially interested in fostering career development in the following scientific areas:

  • Fundamental research on SIV or SHIV persistence
  • Innovative vaccine design beyond maximizing immunogenicity
  • Dynamics of intact proviral HIV reservoirs
  • Identification and characterization of the sources of viral rebound
  • Long-acting therapies and antivirals with novel mechanisms of action
  • Developing and testing curative strategies for eradicating or controlling residual or rebounding virus

Applicants may not propose independent or ancillary clinical trials; however, applicants may plan research experiences within a clinical trial led by a mentor or co-mentor.

Read the FOA for Complete Details

If you are an early-career researcher pursuing a career in this field, review the FOA for specific administrative requirements. Section III. Eligibility Information describes candidate qualifications, expectations for level of effort, and mentor qualifications.

The K01 award will contribute up to $100,000 each year toward the salary of the career award recipient. It will also provide up to $100,000 in annual direct costs toward the research development of the award recipient, as justified and consistent with the stage of development of the candidate and the proportion of time to be spent in research or career development activities. Facilities and administrative costs are reimbursed at 8 percent of modified total direct costs.

Again, the maximum project period is 3 years.

The next application due date is January 7, 2023. Subsequent deadlines follow NIH’s standard due dates for AIDS and AIDS-Related Applications through September 7, 2025.

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Eric Refsland, NIAID’s scientific/research contact, at or 301-761-7193.

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