Changing Institutions? Know What To Do First

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Principal investigators who want to change recipient institutions, be sure you know what to do. This article covers a few key points.

Time Is of the Essence

If you plan to change institutions, be sure to plan well ahead, e.g., when you first decide to make the change, not after you have moved to the new institution or just before your project ends. This is critical since you must obtain prior approval from NIAID, which can take time. Your new organization must submit a Change of Recipient Organization application as well.

Also, if you are proposing human subjects research or research using vertebrate animals, begin the institutional review board or institutional animal care and use process, respectively, at the new institution before submitting a Change of Recipient Organization application.

Take Note

Be aware of the following:

  • NIAID will not transfer a grant in a no-cost extension (NCE) unless there is an extraordinary circumstance. If you think you have one that we should consider, contact your assigned grants management specialist and program officer before you request transferring a grant in an NCE.
  • In general, NIAID does not transfer multiproject grants due to the complexity and potential disruption to synergy amongst the Cores and Projects.

Obtain Prior Approval From NIAID

To start the process of changing institutions, ask your institutional business official to send a prior approval request to your grants management specialist, with a copy to your program officer, several months or at least two months before you move.

Additionally, your signing official must submit a Relinquishing Statement in the eRA Commons and identify the institution that will take over the award. This must occur well before the current approved project period expires.

As for the receiving institution, it must submit a Change of Grantee Organization application using the Change of Recipient Organization (Type 7 Parent, Clinical Trial Optional) funding opportunity announcement at least 30 days before the anticipated start date at the new organization.

Need Help? Have Questions?

For assistance, contact the grants management specialist assigned to your grant.


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