Citing Publications in Research Performance Progress Reports

Funding News Edition: April 19, 2023
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Investigators, be aware of which publications need to be added to Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs). Also, be sure to steer clear of over-citing.

As grant recipients, you must report publications in section C.1 of the RPPR if: (1) the manuscript was accepted for publication or made public during the initial reporting period and the period since the last progress report was submitted and (2) the publication directly arises from the award; for example, the award supported trainees or personnel activity that contributed to the publication, e.g., authorship, preparing manuscripts.

Be careful not to over-cite publications, such as preprints, as well as training- and resource-type awards. If an award’s only contribution to a publication is non-personnel resources (e.g., materials, equipment, data), do not list the paper.

For additional information, see Section 6.3 Section C-Products of the RPPR Instruction Guide.

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