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Funding News Edition: December 16, 2020
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Are you looking for regulatory and ethics requirements in NIAID priority countries? Then check out NIAID’s ClinRegs, an outstanding resource for country-specific clinical research regulatory information.

In the past year, the ClinRegs website received more than 71,000 visitors from 150 countries, generating more than 10,000 monthly page views. The resource is designed to increase awareness and understanding of clinical research regulatory and ethics requirements while also saving users time and effort when planning and implementing international clinical research.

ClinRegs most popular features include:

  • Plain language descriptions of country-specific clinical research requirements
  • Links to official regulatory and guidance documents
  • English translations (where available)
  • A country comparison feature

The ClinRegs staff works closely with country subject matter experts to ensure the information remains current. ClinRegs users can share content, submit comments, and suggest updates.

The site presently covers 21 countries, highlighted in green on the world map below. Topic areas covered include clinical trial lifecycle, regulatory authority, ethical review, informed consent, investigational products, specimens, and sponsorship.

ClinRegs Country Map


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