Create a Consortium for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development

Funding News Edition: February 21, 2018
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Consider applying for funds to support a team of researchers focused on accelerating HIV vaccine development through a new funding opportunity announcement (FOA): Consortia for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development (CHAVD) (UM1, Clinical Trial Not Allowed).

Scientific Approach for CHAVD

In your application, describe how your coordinated, multidisciplinary team will use multi-pronged iterative approaches to address key immunogen design roadblocks. Your plans should accelerate the discovery and development of a safe and effective antibody-mediated preventive HIV vaccine.

It is likely that your work will require parallel and iterative development in preclinical and phase I clinical studies. These studies will answer scientific questions to prepare a rationally designed vaccine for future efficacy trials.

The FOA includes a number of examples of potential approaches to elicit antibody responses capable of preventing HIV infection.

NIAID will consider applications containing activities in the following areas nonresponsive and not review them.

  • Vaccine protection where the major mechanism of protection is not antibody-mediated
  • Clinical trials or any facility, research focus, or research support unit performing clinical trials of candidate HIV vaccines

Instead, designing and conducting clinical trials should rely on infrastructure already supported through the HIV Vaccine Trials Network.

CHAVD Structure, Budget, and Duration

As you propose your research consortium organization, follow this structure:

  • CHAVD Initial Research Focus (or Foci)
  • Management and Operations Unit
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Manufacturing Unit
  • Clinical Trials Sample Analysis Unit

Each CHAVD may also contain additional Scientific Research Support Units as needed. Get more detail on CHAVD structure in the FOA.

NIAID intends to commit $34 million in FY 2019 to fund one or two cooperative agreement CHAVD awards.

The scope of your proposed project should determine your project period. You may request up to seven years of funding.

Due Date and Contact

Your application deadline is June 28, 2018, with optional letter of intent due May 28, 2018. Only one application per institution is allowed.

Direct your questions to Dr. Stuart Z. Shapiro, the FOA's scientific/research contact.

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