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Funding News Edition: August 04, 2021
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Check out the NIH-Wide Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2021 to 2025, which NIH will use to guide its research efforts over the next five years. The 75-page plan centers on three main objectives: Advancing Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences; Developing, Maintaining, and Renewing Scientific Research Capacity; and Exemplifying and Promoting the Highest Level of Scientific Integrity, Public Accountability, and Social Responsibility in the Conduct of Science.

A common thread throughout NIH’s vision for biomedical research direction, capacity, and stewardship is a focus on five cross-cutting themes:

  • Improving Minority Health and Reducing Health Disparities
  • Enhancing Women’s Health
  • Addressing Public Health Challenges Across the Lifespan
  • Promoting Collaborative Science
  • Leveraging Data Science for Biomedical Discovery

The Strategic Plan was developed through a collaborative process involving leadership and staff across NIH and informed by input from key stakeholders, including the research community, professional societies, advocacy groups, and the public (through a request for information).

Find additional context at NIH-Wide Strategic Plan.

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