Flurry of FOA Reissues in Preparation for FORMS-F Transition

Funding News Edition: May 20, 2020
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You may have noticed that NIH reissued most parent funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) over the past month. Doing so is part of the process for transitioning from one application form set to another; in this case, switching from FORMS-E to FORMS-F on May 25, 2020.

Generally speaking, for due dates on or after May 25, 2020, you will use a newly reissued parent FOA and FORMS-F to submit an investigator-initiated application. For other FOAs, you may need to correctly choose between using FORMS-E and FORMS-F, as both will be available simultaneously. There are also exceptions for certain application types (e.g., administrative supplements) and policies (e.g., continuous submission). Read our March 18, 2020 article “Video Tutorial Previews FORMS-F Transition” for further instruction.

NIAID maintains a list of active FOAs and notices of special interest (NOSIs) in which our Institute is participating at Opportunities & Announcements. The page includes a search function so you can quickly find targeted opportunities that match your area of scientific interest as well as filter functions that allow you to sort by opportunity and grant type. For guidance on choosing the right opportunity, read Types of Funding Opportunities.

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