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Writing a Winning Application—Consider the Review Committee

Match your research project to a review group with appropriate expertise and create an application that appeals to the reviewers and catches their interest by proposing concepts and preliminary data they would regard as innovative.
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Opportunities and Resources

Through a new funding opportunity announcement, NIAID will fund innovative projects that represent a change of research direction for early-stage investigators and for which preliminary data do not exist. 
Apply for research funding to use scientific methods to address vaccine hesitancy, uptake, and implementation among groups experiencing health disparities.
The request for proposals seeks an offeror capable of providing quality assessment for pharmacology labs that test samples from NIAID-supported clinical studies.
NIAID seeks offerors capable of implementing Phase 0 to Phase II clinical trials, including proof-of-concept studies in healthy and diseased human populations—domestically and internationally—in an expeditious and efficient manner.

In The News

Submit a proposal centered on questions directly related to the Asia-Pacific region with potential to add to global knowledge about infectious diseases and immunology.
Effective immediately, grantees must submit Federal Financial Reports through the Payment Management System rather than the eRA Commons module previously used.
The meeting will focus on topics like emerging science in pathology, pharmacology, and therapeutics for acute lung injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, interstitial lung disease, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Advice Corner

Before implementing a change in scope, you need to request and receive NIAID’s written prior approval. We highly encourage you to discuss the possibility with the assigned program officer before submitting the request.

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