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Writing a Winning Application—Write To Excite

Create a winning application by keeping your NIH peer reviewers in mind as you anticipate questions about your project's significance and innovation.
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Opportunities and Resources

Study the roles of complement components that will inform the development of adjuvants and vaccine candidates or therapeutics that target complement components.
Join a network of human immunology profiling research groups gathering data to develop molecular signatures that define immune response profiles and identify biomarkers.
NIAID's notice of special interest Availability of Emergency Awards for Limited Clinical Trials To Evaluate Therapeutic and Vaccine Candidates Against SARS-CoV-2 will expire on March 15, 2021, meaning the deadline to apply is March 14, 2021.
Prepare now to join the Centers for HIV Structural Biology, which integrate techniques from structural biology, biochemistry, and cell biology to ultimately solve the three-dimensional structures of HIV and host cell factor complexes necessary for viral replication.

In The News

On behalf of NIAID and our research community, we gratefully acknowledge all the peer reviewers and advisory committee members who gave their valuable time and effort this past year. You make an irreplaceable contribution to biomedical science.
Over the past 10 years, NIAID's Scientific Review Program has moved from primarily face-to-face peer review meetings to mostly teleconference and videoconferencing.
Check out how 10 companies advanced their innovative technologies with NIAID small business award funds, then learn how to share your own success story.
NIH encourages grantees to enhance diversity of conferences by increasing participation of women, underrepresented individuals from diverse racial and ethnic groups and disadvantaged backgrounds, and individuals with disabilities.
NIAID will conduct a series of ideas and innovation webinars to bring together experts and stakeholders in data science, infectious disease, immunology, and immune-mediated disorders.
A note for those conducting or planning COVID-19-related vaccine or treatment clinical trials and clinical studies supported by NIAID’s fiscal year 2020 emergency pandemic appropriations.

Advice Corner

A variety of funding opportunity announcements either require NIAID’s prior approval or prompt you to contact a program officer for prior consultation far in advance of your application due date.

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