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Know How To Answer Just-in-Time Requests, Resolve a Bar to Award

Certain codes in your summary statement can indicate an award restriction or bar to award, which can block you from funding until you resolve underlying scientific review concerns about human subjects involvement, inclusion, or animal welfare.
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Opportunities and Resources

NIAID seeks collaborative, global research focused on the etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and control of select neglected tropical diseases.
NIAID aims to promote research-driven data science/informatics technology, across their development lifecycle, in an effort to address priority needs in immune-mediated or infectious disease research.
Understanding the mechanisms of how bats regulate immune responses to clear infections and prevent excessive inflammation may lead to a deeper understanding of the regulatory circuitry of the human immune system and host-pathogen interactions.

In The News

As part of UNITE, an NIH initiative to end structural racism in biomedical research, the Center for Scientific Review continues to take steps to address individual and systemic biases in peer review.
NIH launched the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics initiative to quickly develop, commercialize, and implement technologies for COVID-19 testing. You can now view a list of funded projects.
NIH is collecting community feedback on developing 3D cellular senescence maps in mice to inform the role of cellular senescence in health and disease and the consequences of interventions targeting this process.
Our expert panel will consider three topics related to ethical, legal, and social implications of big data and frame issues for the immune-mediated and infectious disease research community to consider and address.

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For each stage of the grant application process, well-timed guidance from the appropriate NIH or NIAID expert can help you meet requirements, get advice, and more.

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