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Opportunities and Resources

Help us further define the population dynamics of the rebound-competent HIV reservoir across a spectrum of individuals and determine how various therapeutic interventions affect reservoir composition over time. 
Apply for support to develop animal models for immune-targeted radiation injuries, study radiation impacts on the immune system, and identify immune-specific pathways targeted by radiation.
Contribute to the understanding of post-transcriptional regulation of intact and defective HIV RNA, and develop therapeutic strategies to alter RNA post-transcriptional modifications as a potential therapeutic platform for inhibiting HIV replication.

In The News

Effective immediately, HHS no longer requires review and approval by an ethics advisory board for research proposing to use human fetal tissue.
When conducting vertebrate animal or human studies, you must follow the NIH Policy on Sex as a Biological Variable to increase the scientific rigor of your research.
Applicants and offerors, take advantage of NIH’s updated training and other guidance on how to prepare your Vertebrate Animals Section.
Our expert panel will define the traditional silos that may impede broad data sharing and highlight examples of where breaking those silos facilitated advancement that otherwise could not have been achieved.
NIH’s Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Program released a notice of special interest (NOSI) to increase workforce diversity and a request for information (RFI) to collect feedback on strengthening observational research science.

Advice Corner

If you receive a grant from NIH, be aware that anybody can request to see your application and progress report under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). If NIH receives a FOIA request, NIH staff will consult with you and your awardee institution.

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