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Know How To Demonstrate Scientific Progress in Annual Reports

You need to describe scientific progress in your annual Research Performance Progress Report to demonstrate success and merit, even if the project is still ramping up.
Medical Examination of a Clinical Trial Volunteer

Opportunities and Resources

Conduct research to understand the role of arthropod salivary factors during and following blood feeding in establishing vector-borne pathogen infections, as well as facilitating immune-mediated diseases and immune modulation in the vertebrate host.
NIAID will support innovative, flexible, scalable technology-mediated epidemiologic studies focused on identifying vulnerabilities and informing prevention and treatment of HIV in cisgender, transgender, and gender nonconforming women living in the United States.
Propose research topics involving tuberculosis in the areas of molecular epidemiology, diagnostics, biomarkers, and vaccine development, as well as the impact of co-morbidities such as HIV and diabetes.
If you have the expertise to develop or optimize next-generation methodologies to detect HIV-1 drug resistance mutations and rapidly disseminate the information, consider applying for research funding.

In The News

This fall and winter, there will be stretches of time in which you can select between the FORMS-F and FORMS-G application form sets within the same FOA. You'll need to choose correctly, as NIH may withdraw an application submitted using the wrong form set.
Federal electronic systems will soon transition from using DUN and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System identification numbers to new government-owned Unique Entity Identifiers.
Assured institutions may take advantage of certain flexibilities to reduce administrative burden when conducting semiannual animal facility inspections.

Advice Corner

While investigators have gotten acquainted with notices of special interest (NOSIs), it hasn’t been without some areas of confusion. We address and clarify a few of them here.

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