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Know Where To Go for Insights Into Site Visits

Staff may conduct “not-for-cause” site visits, such as those for new foreign awardees, as well as “for cause” visits when NIAID has evidence of administrative or accounting deficiencies at an institution.
Researcher opens freezer door

Opportunities and Resources

Foster new and innovative scientific studies to produce vaccines with broader, more durable protection to limit the public health consequences of both seasonal and pandemic influenza.
Three initiatives cover distinct topics: pathobiological mechanisms of post-acute sequelae, pediatric COVID-19 and respiratory viral co-infection, and vaccine hesitancy among health disparities populations.
The program supports clinical and translational research on asthma, rhinitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, atopic dermatitis, food allergy, and drug allergy.
Applications are due for three distinct initiatives providing administrative supplements for research at the nexus of women’s health, sex and gender, and health disparity populations.

In The News

NIH will soon adjust the Genomic Data Sharing policy to better align with expectations set by the new Final Policy for Data Management and Sharing policy.
Send suggestions and feedback on NIH's Plan to improve understanding of hepatitis B biology, develop tools and resources, and create hepatitis B cure and prevention strategies.
The Small Business Administration raised its hard cap (total cost) limits for Phase I and II Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer grant awards.

Advice Corner

Write your application to both impress your assigned reviewers and explain your proposed research clearly and concisely to the remaining study section members.

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