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Director of NIAID’s Vaccine Research Center Announces Retirement

Dr. John Mascola provided leadership for scientific and clinical research activities and developed vaccine research programs for priority diseases, including HIV, influenza, Ebola/Marburg, malaria, and COVID-19.
John Mascola Shaking Hands with Barack Obama

Opportunities and Resources

Conduct research on the immunologic processes and events that drive not only the course of autoimmune disease but also the preclinical phase and the transition from subclinical autoimmunity to diagnosed autoimmune disease.
Help address the urgent need for social, ethical, and behavioral implications research to understand and reduce barriers to and disparities in COVID-19 testing among underserved and vulnerable populations.
NIAID will support investigators developing or producing medical diagnostics capable of rapid differential species identification and phenotypic antibacterial susceptibility profiles for bacteremia or hospital-acquired pneumonia.

In The News

Send feedback on the Center for Scientific Review's (CSR) new Strategic Plan to advance its mission of ensuring that NIH grant applications receive fair, independent, expert, and timely scientific reviews.
NIH seeks input on draft Supplemental Information to the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing (DMS Policy) to promote responsible management and sharing of American Indian/Alaska Native participant data under the DMS Policy.
The policy requires NIH institute and center Advisory Councils to provide additional consideration for new and renewal applications from already well-supported principal investigators.

Advice Corner

The Plan To Promote Safe Environments should detail how conference organizers will ensure a safe and respectful setting for all attendees by providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

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