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A Deep Dive Into Data Management and Sharing

NIH's new policy requires both effective data management with the development of data management and sharing plans as well as maximum data sharing in a timely manner.
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Opportunities and Resources

Propose to establish a large digitally-maintained cohort of 1,000 participants or more to prospectively investigate trajectories of HIV care engagement and viral suppression.
The Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) initiative supports skills development, research experiences, mentoring, curriculum or methods development, and outreach for younger students.
NIAID will support the preclinical development of lead adjuvants for use in vaccines to prevent or treat human disease caused by non-HIV infectious pathogens or immune-mediated diseases.

In The News

The system award recipients use to report inventions and patents resulting from federal research will be transitioning from NIH’s eRA to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Although the website has a new homepage layout and labels some sections differently, rest assured that eRA’s guidance for applicants, grantees, and reviewers remains unchanged.

Advice Corner

If you plan to change institutions, plan well ahead for your ongoing award's corresponding transfer, not after you have moved to the new institution or just before your project ends.

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