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Respond to Just-in-Time Requests and Any Bars to Award

Most just-in-time information requested by NIAID staff is routine, but certain codes in your summary statement can indicate an award restriction or bar to award.
Clinical trial volunteer receives wristband

Opportunities and Resources

Work with NIAID to provide product developers a discrete subset of services that will propel new in vitro diagnostic products toward regulatory clearance.
Further our understanding of unique challenges impacting hepatitis B virus (HBV) and HIV co-infected hosts to advance discovery and development of novel HBV interventions.
NIAID will accept administrative supplement applications from current NIAID awardees for research on Lyme disease or other tickborne illnesses, including alpha-gal syndrome.
A fellowship exchange program for early- and mid-career scientists aims to expand the cohort of physician-scientists that will advance clinical practice and public health in the United States and India.

In The News

An exception to allow applicants to send one page with preliminary data as post-submission materials will remain in effect for applications submitted for the January 2023 Council rounds.
NIH seeks input from the broader scientific research community on opportunities, challenges, methods, approaches, and technologies to enable the future study of health and science communication.
Explore NIAID’s digital ecosystem to collate clinical, bacterial genomic, and medical imaging data from tuberculosis patient cases to facilitate data exploration and analysis.
In June, NIAID is hosting a two-day product development virtual workshop to assist academic groups and small start-ups in all stages of antimicrobial product development.
A scheduled update could disrupt completion of in-progress Research Performance Progress Report budget forms if not submitted before June 22, 2022.

Advice Corner

You can request some prior approvals using the Prior Approval Module in the eRA Commons. Make your request at least 30 days before you want it to take effect.

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