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Brush Up on the Basics of a Modular Budget

The modular budget form includes prompts to attach a Personnel Justification, Consortium Justification, and Additional Narrative Justification, which collectively justify your budget to peer reviewers.
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Opportunities and Resources

NIAID aims to support research that directly and specifically addresses possible mechanisms of persistent symptoms in Post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome.
Regenerative medicine researchers can apply to conduct clinical trial planning, an investigator-initiated collaborative study, or an investigator-initiated clinical trial.

In The News

iEdison, the electronic system that recipients use to report inventions and patents resulting from federal research, will transition from NIH’s eRA to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on August 9, 2022.
The Roster Index lists past and present study sections, integrated review groups, and special emphasis panels. eRA’s update provides options to filter the table of review groups, export, and print.

Advice Corner

If you find a limited competition of interest but your organization is not invited to apply, devise an investigator-initiated application in the same scientific field and apply through a parent announcement.

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