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NIAID Prioritizes a Robust Population of Physician-Scientists

By virtue of their training, experiences, and responsibilities as clinicians, physician-scientists are uniquely positioned to identify research priorities and pursue breakthroughs inspired by patient care.
Treating an Eczema Patient

Opportunities and Resources

NIAID invites cross-disciplinary applications that focus on mechanistic studies of host cell death mechanisms involving host-tuberculosis interaction, innate and adaptive immunity, and target identification for interventions.
NIAID seeks multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) that can prevent HIV infection and pregnancy; sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy; or multiple non-HIV STI or HIV/STI MPTs in cis and trans males and females of all ages.
Your research should lead to the development of acceptable and appropriate health interventions and health service delivery methods that will enhance health and development of sexual and gender minority populations.

In The News

The web system will undergo downtime from September 23 to September 29, 2022. In response, all NIH grant application due dates that fall on or between September 22 and September 30 will shift to October 3, 2022.
For receipt dates on or after January 25, 2023, grant and cooperative agreement applicants must provide data management and sharing plans as a standard requirement of the new FORMS-H application form set.

Advice Corner

NIH recently posted a new Stipend and Salary Questions and Answers section to help clarify common points of confusion. It covers funding levels, salary and fringe benefits, stipend levels by year, rebudgeting, and other topics.

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