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Help Spread the Word of a New NIH Fellowship Program

The NIH Medical Scientist Partnership Program will be a trans-NIH effort to support combined degree candidates by providing them an option to conduct doctoral research in an NIH Intramural laboratory.
Participants in the NIH Medical Research Scholars Program

Opportunities and Resources

NIAID will support studies that define and characterize components and mechanisms of the immune system that lead to sustained immunity and identify common versus distinct durable immune mechanisms triggered by vaccines compared to natural infection.
The Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) Quality Assessment Program will serve NIAID-sponsored and collaborating clinical trial networks and cohorts as well as individual grantees conducting research in and outside the United States.
The initiative aims to foster an understanding of underlying developmental biology of normal and abnormal human development as well as human pathologies through collecting, identifying, staging, and distributing conceptal tissues for use in studies.

In The News

Grantees, take note: You have 120 days after your grant’s period of performance end date to liquidate obligations by drawing funds from the Payment Management System.
As directed by the White House, NIH will revise its public access policy to enable researchers, clinicians, students, and the public to access research results immediately upon publication.
Begining October 1, 2022, all Assured institutions, including those with expiring waivers, must conduct semiannual animal facility inspections as scheduled and required by Public Health Service policy.

Advice Corner

Contract solicitations likely to generate scientific data will include proposal instructions that direct offerors to submit a Data Management and Sharing Plan to the funding institute as part of the technical proposal.

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