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Applicants—Understand What a Cooperative Agreement FOA Signifies

A cooperative agreement is a support mechanism that NIH frequently uses for high-priority research areas that require a level of involvement from NIH staff that is higher than for a typical research project grant.
Volunteer in trial of candidate universal flu vaccine receives injection

Opportunities and Resources

Find effective methods to measure rates of tuberculosis transmission that rely on understanding the biomedical basis of transmission and related risk factors, then develop and assess potential interventions.
Through this notice of special interest (NOSI), NIAID seeks a better understanding of the decay dynamics of various virus-infected cell subsets following antiretroviral therapy initiation to better inform new cure strategies.
The Consortium will establish a collaborative, multidisciplinary research platform to systematically evaluate new candidate agents in combination and identify the most promising regimens.

In The News

NIH's Center for Scientific Review regularly assesses whether the function and scope of existing panels result in successfully identifying high-impact science before making administrative adjustments.
To help researchers address privacy considerations when sharing human research participant data, NIH issued two notices that supplement the new Data Management and Sharing Policy.
A virtual workshop will define the U.S. and global burden and epidemiology of herpes simplex virus, and then identify gaps and research opportunities in vaccines, therapeutics, prevention, and diagnostics development.

Advice Corner

Overlap may be scientific, budget, or commitment related. To resolve concerns around overlap, you’ll need to provide Other Support information as part of the Just-in-Time process.

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