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Know the Basics for Facilities and Administrative Costs

Facilities and administrative costs pay for common or joint objectives that cannot be readily identified with an individual project or program. Examples include payroll, departmental administration, student services, building depreciation, and utilities.
Workbench in NIAID intramural laboratory, with supplies and equipment.

Opportunities and Resources

The initiative supports a two-phased approach that enables a dedicated period of tool development followed by the use of those tools to address gaps in our knowledge of select rickettsial diseases.
Research the roles of complement components and receptors in the initiation, magnitude, maintenance, and quality of immune responses involved in pathogenic infections, vaccination, post-infection sequelae, autoimmunity, allergy, or transplantation.
Apply for research funding to address gaps in Coccidioides basic research; develop tools and resources to support vaccine development; and develop and advance vaccines to prevent coccidioidomycosis.
Combining Basic and Clinical research programs, the objectives of NIAID's Autoimmunity Centers of Excellence are to accelerate the discovery and translation of therapies for autoimmune diseases from lab to clinic.
Two new initiatives recognize the role that diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) mentorship and bioethical research and capacity, respectively, have on NIH’s general scientific priorities, like responding to public health needs.
Find funding to prepare your data assets to meet technical specifications for inclusion in the NIAID Data Ecosystem and improve training among biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and computational scientists for research on infectious and immune-mediated diseases.

In The News

Engage with NIH staff through questions and answers, text chat features, and 1:1 calls. With over 15,000 attendees already registered, you will also have plenty of networking opportunities to meet colleagues in your field.
The initiative is part of NIH's comprehensive approach to help small business innovation research and small business technology transfer grant recipients commercialize healthcare technologies and services.
In each 10- to 20-minute episode, podcast hosts in NIH's Office of Extramural Research discuss the ins and outs of research funding with NIH staff experts.

Advice Corner

Use the Human Subjects System to electronically report, view, and update human subjects enrollment, inclusion, and clinical trial data for your NIH applications and grants.

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