NRSA Training Directors—Good News About Childcare Support

Funding News Edition: September 07, 2022
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Take note if you are the Training Director of an Institutional National Research Service Award (NRSA): NIH is now providing an annual $2,500 per each full-time predoctoral or postdoctoral NRSA trainee appointment slot on your grant at the time of the new, renewal, or continuation award.

NIH allows childcare costs for dependent children living in the eligible full-time appointed predoctoral or postdoctoral NRSA trainee’s home from birth until the age of 13 or, for children who are disabled, until age 18.

Note the following:

  • The institutional training grant programs that support full-time pre- and post-doctoral trainees under the NRSA authority are the T32, TL1, TU2 and T90. Note that NIAID supports only T32s.
  • Principal investigators do not need to take any action to request funds; however, they must report using childcare costs in their Research Performance Progress Report.
  • Childcare costs do not apply to elder or non-child dependent care costs.
  • Recipients must maintain all supporting documentation (e.g., proof the childcare provider is licensed) and make it available to NIH officials upon request. Applicants and awardees will not submit the supporting documentation unless specifically requested by NIH staff.
  • NIH will not provide childcare support for short-term predoctoral or postdoctoral NRSA trainees regardless of the activity code.
  • If the NRSA training award is already active, NIH anticipates beginning to award the additional $2,500 in childcare costs per trainee slot at the time of the next continuation award.

NIH announced childcare support in the September 23, 2021 Guide notice. We encourage you to read or re-read it for complete details. Also check NIH’s Frequently Asked Questions—Childcare Costs to find explanations for common points of confusion.

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