Grant Administrators—Note a Helpful Change to Financial Reporting

Funding News Edition: April 20, 2022
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Effective immediately, domestic grantees no longer need to manually complete the cash transaction section (lines 10a through 10c) of the SF-425 Federal Financial Report (FFR) in HHS’s Payment Management System (PMS).

Instead, PMS will pre-populate the cash transaction section using a grantee’s real-time cash expenses information from PMS and adjust recipient-reported disbursements to equal cash advance drawdowns on all non-closed subaccounts (PMS type P). Grantees must still certify at the time of each drawdown whether the cash drawdown request is for reimbursement of actual expenditures or an advance for immediate disbursement.

Unless otherwise stated in a Notice of Award, all other standard SF-425 reporting requirements and deadlines for financial expenditure data remain the same.

Find additional details on HHS’s FFR Updates page. If you have follow-up questions, email NIH’s Division of Grants Policy.

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