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Funding News Edition: October 08, 2020
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AIDS researchers, consider applying to NIAID’s reissued HIV Vaccine Research and Design (HIVRAD) Program (P01, Clinical Trial Not Allowed) funding opportunity announcement (FOA).

Scientifically Speaking

In your application, describe how your collaborative team will pursue multicomponent, multidisciplinary research to address hypotheses crucial to the design of an efficacious AIDS prophylactic vaccine.

Your research plans should be advanced beyond the exploratory stage. Include preliminary data in your application. If you will develop or optimize a specific vaccine platform, lay out a research pathway with clear decision points. You may evaluate vaccine concepts in nonhuman primate models or use small animal models, e.g., transgenic humanized mice.

The FOA provides the following list of example topics, though you are not limited to this list:

  • Approaches to elicit durable and broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV, SIV, and/or SHIV
  • Identifying correlates of vaccine-induced immune protection to HIV/AIDS
  • Structural studies as they relate to designing HIV immunogens
  • Induction and properties of protective non-neutralizing antibodies
  • Improved animal model systems and challenge viruses to address vaccine efficacy
  • Approaches to increase the immunogenicity of HIV antigens (e.g., adjuvants, nanoparticles)
  • Vaccine design to better address the heterogeneity of HIV
  • Developing or improving viral, bacterial, or other vaccine vectors
  • Determining how immune cells can be mobilized to the portal of infection
  • Investigations into the role of glycan structures on immunogenicity, antigenicity and infectivity
  • Investigations into innate immunity to alter the outcome of infection

Your research may use clinical samples, but this FOA will not support clinical studies or clinical trials. Do not focus solely on therapeutic vaccines.

Award Details, Due Dates, and More

NIAID plans to fund one or two large program project grant (P01) awards for a total of $5 million in fiscal year 2022.

Your budget and project period should reflect the actual needs and scope of your plans. Follow these limits:

  • Request no more than $2.5 million in direct costs each year.
  • Propose no more than five years of support.

The FOA details a required multiproject structure for your administrative and scientific core components. If this is your first P01 application, find guidance and advice in our Multiproject Research (P, U) Applications guide. Synergy is critical to your success, so make sure your application fully explains how the individual components will work together to address the overall goals and aims of the program.

Applications are due on March 15 in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Send your optional Letter of Intent 30 days before the relevant application due date.

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