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Funding News Edition: November 03, 2021
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NIAID recently posted interim fiscal year 2022 Paylines for research projects (R01), small grants (R03), exploratory/developmental grants (R21), research enhancement awards (R15), and small business technology transfer (R41, R42) and small business innovation research (R43, R44) grants. Our budget officials are calculating appropriate starting levels for the other interim paylines, which we will post when ready.

NIAID typically starts a fiscal year by setting interim paylines, which may be lower than the previous year’s Final NIAID Paylines. This difference does not indicate a funding cut; NIAID usually raises paylines later in the fiscal year, after receiving a full-year appropriation.

NIAID’s usual approach involves:

  • Low interim paylines reflect conservative estimates of the number of awards NIAID can afford to fund. They are an administrative measure to help us continue funding grants while operating under a continuing resolution (CR) and waiting for a final budget appropriation to be enacted. These lower paylines allow us to operate within the budget that the CR provides, which is flat from the previous fiscal year.
  • As a fiscal year progresses—meaning more application due dates pass and those applications are scored—NIAID obtains additional data and insights as to how many awards can be funded and then adjusts paylines accordingly.
  • NIAID generally does not set final paylines until a budget appropriation bill is enacted. The longer NIAID operates under short-term CRs, the longer we need to wait before publishing final paylines and budgets.  
  • When NIAID no longer expects a payline (set as a percentile or overall priority score) to change, we switch the payline’s status on the Paylines page from interim to final.

Find details on typical payline and budget timing at NIAID Paylines and Budget Information Changes Throughout the Year. Our Paylines & Funding section includes NIAID’s Financial Management Plan and more.

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