Summary of NIH Legislative Mandates for Fiscal Year 2022

Funding News Edition: June 01, 2022
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Read NIH Legislative Mandates for Fiscal Year 2022 to learn about current requirements outlined by statutory provisions to restrict certain uses of funds from NIH grant, cooperative agreement, and contract awards for fiscal year 2022.  

Topic areas covered by the legislative mandates are:   

Division H, Title II – Department of Health and Human Services  

  • Salary Limitation (Section 202)  
  • Gun Control (Section 210) 
  • Indirect Costs (Section 224) 
  • Anti-Harassment (Section 239) 

Division H, Title V – General Provisions, Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education  

  • Anti-Lobbying (Section 503)  
  • Acknowledgement of Federal Funding (Section 505)  
  • Restriction on Abortions (Section 506) 
  • Exceptions to Restriction on Abortions (Section 507) 
  • Ban on Funding Human Embryo Research (Section 508)  
  • Limitation on Use of Funds for Promotion of Legalization of Controlled Substances (Section 509) 
  • Restriction on Disclosure of Political Affiliation for Federal Scientific Advisory Committee Candidates (Section 515(a))  
  • Dissemination of False or Misleading Information (Section 515(a))  
  • Restriction of Pornography on Computer Networks (Section 520)  
  • Restriction on Distribution of Sterile Needles (Section 527)  

For more details on the legislative mandates, refer to the NIH Guide notice linked at the beginning of the article.  


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