New Research Sharing Policy to Speed Access to Results

Funding News Edition: September 21, 2022
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As directed by the White House, NIH will revise its public access policy to enable researchers, clinicians, students, and the public to access research results immediately upon publication. Find details in the August 25, 2022 Memorandum on Ensuring Free, Immediate, and Equitable Access to Federally-Funded Research from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

NIH’s efforts to maximize your access are already underway—the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing will take effect on January 25, 2023. To incorporate the new directives from OSTP, Acting NIH Director Dr. Lawrence Tabak described NIH Plans to Speed Access to Federally-Funded Research Results.

You can expect NIH and NIAID to update access policies and implement changes well before OSTP’s target date of December 31, 2025. Find current guidance here:

On a related note, don’t miss the September 22, 2022 webinar on Implementing the New NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy, Part II. A video recording and presentation slides from Part I are available at Webinar Resources: Understanding the New NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy.

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