Nonhuman Primates Funding Opportunity Adds AIDS Receipt Dates

Funding News Edition: May 19, 2021
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NIAID now participates in Early-Stage Investigator Research Using Nonhuman Primate (NHP) Models (R21, Clinical Trial Not Allowed), a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) that supports Early-Stage Investigators developing new research directions using nonhuman primate models in basic science or translational research.

NIAID’s research priorities include the following areas:

  • Infectious disease pathogenesis
  • Evaluating therapeutics, including immunologic and pharmacologic interventions to treat and prevent infectious diseases; including but not limited to HIV/AIDS
  • Evaluating vaccine candidates, immune correlates of protection, and efficacy to prevent infection or establishment of infectious diseases; including but not limited to HIV/AIDS
  • Transplantation immunology, with the overall goal of establishing or maintaining immunologic tolerance or preventing or treating rejection in recipients of allogeneic solid organ, pancreatic islet, or vascular composite allograft transplants
  • Autoimmune disease pathogenesis and mechanisms of action of immune-modulating agents
  • Immunologic effects, pathogenesis, biomarkers, and impacts of treatments for radiation-induced injuries
  • Immune system development and function, including across the lifespan and in response to infectious pathogens

The FOA recently added AIDS receipt dates to accommodate applications proposing HIV/AIDS-related research. Standard AIDS and AIDS-Related Dates apply. The first AIDS application due date for this FOA is September 7, 2021.

Standard Due Dates remain in effect for non-AIDS applications. The FOA expires in May 2024.

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