“For an NIAID Career Transition Award application, how should I demonstrate plans to transition to a full-time assistant professorship?”

Funding News Edition: February 02, 2022
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For our recently reissued NIAID Career Transition Award (K22 Independent, Clinical Trial Not Allowed), you should state your intention to transition from postdoctoral fellow to a tenure-track full-time assistant professor position (or equivalent). You’ll also want to focus heavily on describing how your career development plan will promote your success and scientific independence.

If selected for an award, funding is not automatically activated; instead, you will receive an approval letter. Upon receipt of the letter, you will have 12 months to secure a tenure-track position. Once you’ve done so, you will submit updated project information for NIAID to review. As stated under Activation of the NIAID K22 Award—Transition to the Independent Phase, that package must include a letter from a department or division chair describing the sponsoring institution’s commitment to your faculty position.

Read NIAID Career Transition Award (K22) for more details.

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