NIAID Posts Final FY 2022 Paylines for Most Award Types

Funding News Edition: June 15, 2022
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We’ve set final paylines for research project grants (R01, R03, R15, R21), fellowship awards (F30, F31, F32), career development awards (K01, K08, K23, K24, K25), and small business grants (R41/R42, R43/R44) at NIAID Paylines. Fiscal year (FY) 2022 paylines cover investigator-initiated applications reviewed for the September 2021, January 2022, and June 2022 Council meetings.

We now have final paylines for all award types for which we use paylines except training awards (T32, T35).

Grant Type Description Payline
R01 (non-new Pls) Research Projects for established investigators 12 percentile
R01 (new PIs) Research Projects for new and early-stage investigators 16 percentile
F30 NRSA Individual Predoctoral M.D./Ph.D. or Other Dual-Doctoral Degree Fellowships 20 overall impact score
F31 NRSA Individual Predoctoral Fellowships 19 overall impact score
F32 NRSA Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships 22 overall impact score
K (except K22 and K99) Career Development Awards 20 overall impact score
R03 Small Grants 28 overall impact score
R15 Research Enhancement Awards 22 overall impact score
R21 Exploratory/Developmental Grants 28 overall impact score
R41, R42 STTR Phase I and II—Small Business Technology Transfer 32 overall impact score
R43, R44 SBIR Phase I and II—Small Business Innovation Research 28 overall impact score

Remember, paylines represent funding cutoff points. Each fiscal year, NIAID sets conservative interim paylines before ultimately determining final paylines. This approach allows us to award top-scoring applications throughout the fiscal year rather than waiting until the end of the fiscal year (once every application has been reviewed and scored) to decide which applications to pay.

Note that we use percentiles rather than overall impact scores to rank R01 applications relative to others scored by the same study section. This practice guards against study sections interpreting NIH review criteria differently, i.e., a study section uniformly scoring applications too harshly or too favorably. Read Understand Paylines and Percentiles for a longer explanation.

NIAID also sets a separate R01 payline for new and early-stage principal investigators (PIs). The aim of this practice is to ensure success rate parity between established and unestablished PIs.

We also fund applications at the end of each fiscal year using set-aside funds, as described in our Financial Management Plan. Those award decisions are driven by NIAID’s programmatic needs.

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