“What is a NOFO? How do NOFOs relate to FOAs and NOSIs?”

Funding News Edition: March 01, 2023
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A notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is a formal announcement inviting grant award applications from extramural investigators.

For years, NIH has referred to such a notice as a funding opportunity announcement (FOA); although in deference to HHS-wide practices, effective immediately, NIH is changing its nomenclature.

Each of the following is a type of NOFO:

  • Program announcement (PA)
  • Request for applications (RFA)
  • PA with set-aside funds (PAS)
  • PA with special receipt, referral, and/or review considerations (PAR)

Learn about the attributes that distinguish those NOFO types at Solicited, NIAID-Requested Research.

Most investigator-initiated applications are submitted through a parent NOFO, which is a generic program announcement that lists the requirements of its activity code (e.g., R01, R21) but not specific scientific priorities.

A notice of special interest (NOSI) is not a type of NOFO. Instead, it is a statement of scientific priorities that encourages investigators to apply using a particular NOFO (typically a parent NOFO) on a topic of concern for the sponsoring institute.

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