ORCID iD—Required for Some, Encouraged for All

Funding News Edition: August 07, 2019
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If you will be supported by an NIH training (T), fellowship (F), education, or career development (K) award in fiscal year (FY) 2020, you must create an ORCID iD (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier) and associate it with your eRA Commons Personal Profile.

We also encourage all researchers to take the same steps, even though NIH does not require it for other award types.  

We cover the requirement first, then give you more background on ORCID and how to register.

FY 2020 Requirement for Training, Fellowship, Education, and Career Awards

As announced in a July 10, 2019 Guide notice, NIH will reinforce the ORCID iD requirement on different dates for appointees and applicants:

  • Appointees. From October 2019 onward, the xTrain system will check appointees to institutional T, K, and education awards.
  • Applicants. Starting with the January 25, 2020 receipt date, eRA will check investigators applying for individual F and K awards.

In either case, the person’s eRA Commons profile must have an ORCID iD. Get the full list of affected activity codes and more detail from the Guide notice.


ORCID is a not-for profit organization that assigns and manages unique, persistent identifiers (ORCID iDs) for researchers. This iD helps connect you with your contributions to science over time and across changes of name, location, and institutional affiliation. ORCID’s goal is to provide automatic linkages, help people find information, simplify reporting and analysis, and save you from unnecessary data entry.

Even if you aren’t required to get an ORCID iD as described above, NIH encourages all investigators to do so. Thus far, more than 30,000 eRA Commons profiles include ORCID iDs. NIH plans to use ORCID linkages in the future to improve application and reporting processes.

Over 7,000 journals now use ORCID iDs. With your permission, these journals may automatically add publication citations to your ORCID account. 

You can also use an ORCID identifier to link other professional accounts. As an example, many NIH applicants use SciENcv (Science Expert Network Curriculum Vitae) to simplify creating biosketches for grant applications. SciENcv can import your profile and citation information from ORCID.

How To Register and Link to the eRA Commons

To get your ORCID iD, use either of these methods:

Learn more and find registration help at Welcome to ORCID.

Contact Us

Email us at deaweb@niaid.nih.gov for help navigating NIAID’s grant and contract policies and procedures.

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