Remember NIAID-Specific Rules for Genomic Data Sharing

Funding News Edition: December 16, 2020
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If you plan an NIAID-funded research project that will generate large-scale human or nonhuman genomic data, be sure to brush up on NIAID’s Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) guidance. It covers When the GDS Policy Applies (refer to Does this project generate large-scale genomic data?), data submission and release, sample data sharing plans, informed consent, institutional certification, and more.

NIH’s October 29, 2020 Guide notice “Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing” clarifies expectations and highlights that the policy is not limited to data from human research participants.

Your application instructions reference the NIH GDS policy, but note that NIAID Implementation of NIH’s GDS Policy goes beyond the NIH expectation with these bolded points:

Both large-scale human and nonhuman genomic data will follow the NIH guidelines and be released no later than six months after initial data submission begins or at the time of acceptance of publication, whichever comes first, to controlled-access or unrestricted data repositories for rapid public release.

Include your GDS plan when you Create a Resource Sharing Plan. If your study includes populations from isolated geographic regions, rare genetic traits, or potentially stigmatizing traits, also review the November 1, 2018 Guide notice “Update to NIH Management of Genomic Summary Results Access.”

Your application’s Cover Letter should indicate that your project will generate large-scale genomic data.

Get more advice from your program officer on how to address GDS in your application. Direct questions about the GDS policy to NIAID’s Data Access Committee contacts.

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