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Funding News Edition: December 22, 2022
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Whether you are an investigator, fellow, student, research administrator, or just curious about the grant application and award process, we encourage you to check out NIH’s All About Grants Podcasts. You can download audio files and transcripts from the webpage, subscribe through Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or use the Information on RSS with your podcast app of choice.

In each 10- to 20-minute episode, podcast hosts in the Office of Extramural Research (OER) discuss the ins and outs of research funding with NIH staff experts. Find the List of All Episodes or filter by the following categories: Preparing To Apply, Developing A Successful Grant Application, Advice For New & Early Career Scientists, Submitting Your Application, Peer Review, Post-Award Activities & Requirements, or Special Programs.

Here are just a few recent All About Grants podcast topics to whet your appetite:

  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Training. Learn about the format, frequency, and timing of RCR instruction. Staff share insights on the NIH policy, considerations for your application’s RCR plan, peer review assessment, and more.
  • Phase III Clinical Trials. Find out what qualifies as a Phase III trial, how it compares to other types of clinical trials, considerations for your application and its review, how these studies influence standards of care, and discover helpful tools and resources.
  • Sex as a Biological Variable. NIH expects you to factor sex as a biological variable (SABV) into research designs, analyses, and reporting in preclinical and clinical studies. Staff explain the policy, how applicants can address SABV, and its effect on budgets, peer review considerations, training opportunities, and reporting.
  • Animal Welfare Assurances. Staff describe the different types of assurances, why these documents are critical, how to prepare your assurance, lessons learned, approving or withholding assurances, and what information NIH may release from an approved assurance upon request. 

Direct your technical questions about the podcast to OER through the Contact Us form. For NIAID-specific topic guidance, follow our Research Rules & Policies and find relevant contacts in each SOP.

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