TB Portals Is a Clearinghouse for Tuberculosis Research Data

Funding News Edition: May 18, 2022
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TB Portals is NIAID’s digital ecosystem to collate clinical, bacterial genomic, and medical imaging data from tuberculosis (TB) patient cases to facilitate data exploration and analysis. Registered users can select and view specific cohorts of cases or data and assess the chosen sample using a variety of tools integrated into the platform.

Those tools include:

  • Case Browsing: TB Portals Case Visualization—explore case records, including clinical, imaging, and bacterial genomic information from the TB Portals.
  • DEPOT: Multi-domain Data Analysis—create and statistically compare virtual TB case cohorts across all data domains.
  • GAP: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Genomics—explore cases through genome-wide association studies, drug-resistance prediction, and network analysis.
  • RAP: Radiomics—visualize chest X-rays and clinical trial studies from TB Portals cases and use them to create virtual case cohorts.
  • TB in VR—explore pathology of a TB case study and a molecular model demonstrating drug resistance in TB treatment.
  • TB in 3D—view three-dimensional models for TB, which come from clinical trial image sets in the TB Portals collection.

All data within the TB Portals follow the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard. Samples and data were collected as part of routine practice in TB clinics, research studies, and clinical trials. There is no single data collection protocol that is uniformly enforced, so TB Portals should be regarded as a natural history study, not an epidemiological study.

If you want to explore the TB Portals data and tools, start on the Get Data page to submit a TB Portals Data Request Form. If you are interested in contributing TB research data, learn how on the Collaborate page.

For information about NIAID-supported TB research generally, including our Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Research, go to Tuberculosis: Information for Researchers.

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