Three Updates From Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics Initiative

Funding News Edition: April 07, 2021
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Last year, NIH launched the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative to quickly develop, commercialize, and implement technologies for COVID-19 testing. Through RADx, NIH published more than a dozen funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) and notices of special interest (NOSIs) within four programs: RADx Tech, RADx Underserved Populations (RADx-UP), RADx Radical (RADx-rad), and RADx Advanced Technology Platforms (RADx-ATP).

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NIH posted details for all Funded Projects awarded through RADx FOAs and NOSIs; 142 in total. Each entry includes the project title, awardee, summary, and a link to the grant information in NIH RePORTER.

Reporting Instructions for RADx Awardees

Many RADx awardees are subject to interim reporting requirements distinct from the annual Research Performance Progress Report. If you have a RADx-UP or RADx-rad award, refer to Updated Instructions on Interim Reporting and Carryover for RADx-UP Recipients or Updated Reporting Requirements for RADx-rad Grant Recipients, respectively, for updated guidance.

Another Round of RADx Opportunities

This month, NIH plans to publish two new FOAs and two new NOSIs as part of RADx-UP, as described in Notice of Intent to Publish Funding Opportunity Announcements for the RADx-UP Initiative (Phase II). We encourage you to explore the opportunities if your area of scientific expertise could match the program’s research priorities.

Lastly, NIH is preparing to solicit research on COVID-19 diagnostic testing approaches to safely return children and staff to the in-person school setting in underserved and vulnerable communities. See Notice of Intent to Publish a Research Opportunity Announcement for RADx-UP Return to School Diagnostic Testing Approaches (OT2, Clinical Trial Optional) for details.

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