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Funding News Edition: February 03, 2021
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To improve understanding of tuberculosis (TB)—the leading infectious cause of death worldwide—NIAID published the NIAID Strategic Plan for TB Research in 2018. To help accomplish the Plan’s ambitious research agenda, NIAID issued the new funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for TRACs: Tuberculosis Research Advancement Centers (P30, Clinical Trials Not Allowed).

The objectives of TRACs include:

  • Developing the next generation of scientific leaders in TB research through focused mentoring, career development, and funding support for new investigators* pursuing TB research and any investigator wanting to enter the TB research field.
  • Providing scientific leadership and institutional infrastructure dedicated to TB research.
  • Fostering and enhancing multidisciplinary collaboration across all aspects of TB research.

Note: To fulfill the needs of the program and achieve the outlined Specific Objectives, institutions will require a critical mass of both experienced TB investigators and new investigators* in the TB research field. NIAID encourages institutional commitment and support for the proposed TRAC. 

*NIH’s definition of new investigator: An investigator who has not previously competed successfully for substantial, independent funding from NIH. To learn more, see Information for New Investigators on NIAID’s Grants & Contracts website.

TRAC Characteristics

TRACs must have two general characteristics:

  1. Added value. TRACs are expected to add value to the applicant institution's TB research efforts by providing support for activities that cannot easily be obtained through standard research awards.
  2. Scientific and Fiscal Flexibility. A TRAC has the authority to re-prioritize and re-allocate resources/funds according to TRAC operating policies and procedures proposed in the application, as long as these changes are within scope of the award’s scientific priorities.

TRAC Structure

A TRAC must include an Administrative Core, a Developmental Core, and a minimum of two Scientific Cores that can include any combination of Basic Science, Clinical Science, or Additional Cores.

Eligibility, Award, and Deadline Information

Only U.S. institutions are eligible to apply. Foreign components are allowed.

NIAID intends to commit $5 million in fiscal year 2022 to fund up to five awards. Application budgets are capped at $600,000 (direct costs) per year. The scope of the proposed project should determine the project period, the maximum being five years.

Applications are due on June 15, 2021, by 5 p.m. local time of the applicant organization.

About the Activity Code

The P30 activity code is one type of multiproject grant. To learn more about it and others, see Multiproject Research (P,U) Applications and the Multiproject Awards SOP.

Read the FOA, Get Answers to Questions

As always, we encourage you to carefully read the FOA for complete details. If after doing so, you have questions, direct them to Dr. Lakshmi Ramachandra, the FOA’s scientific/research contact.

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