For Your Consideration—A Trio of Requests for Information

Funding News Edition: August 04, 2021
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In case you missed it, NIH published three requests for information (RFIs) early last month, which we summarize in this article. There is still time to respond, though you’ll have just a few days to submit your comments for the first one on our list.

1. Streamlining Access to Controlled Data From NIH Data Repositories

Seeks input on issues that are relevant to users of NIH-supported controlled-access data repositories. Topics of interest include:

  • General opportunities for streamlining access to controlled data
  • Making controlled-access data readily findable and accessible
  • Addressing oversight, governance, and privacy issues in linking controlled-access data from different resources

Find additional information at Streamlining Access to Controlled Data. Use the Submission Form to send your response by next Monday, August 9, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

2. Transporters of Nutrients, Dietary Components, Metabolites, and Drugs

Seeks input on opportunities and gaps related to bioinformatic and experimental research needs for human Solute Carrier (SLC) and ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters. Areas of interest include:

  • Approaches that could be used to identify the endogenous solutes of transporters, where that is not known.   
  • The relative need for systematic structural characterization (e.g., by cryo-EM or other approaches). 
  • The research needs around allelic or copy number variants, genetic and post-translational regulation, inhibitors, and activators of transporters.  

Email your response to, either within the body of the email or as an attachment (PDF or MS Word) through August 30, 2021.

3. Developing Consent Language for Future Use of Data and Biospecimens

Seeks input on sample consent language and “points to consider” (both provided in the RFI) as well as any gaps or additional components that should be included. Also of interest: input on any hurdles or barriers to the voluntary use of the sample language and “points to consider" by the community. Respondents are free to address any or all the information listed in the RFI or any other relevant topic for NIH to consider.

Use the Comment Form to submit comments electronically by September 29, 2021.

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