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Novel Study Model Reveals New Understanding of Fatal Familial Insomnia

Fatal familial insomnia (FFI) is a little-known yet horrific disease in which people die from lack of sleep. In a new study, NIAID scientists developed a cerebral organoid model to study the exact protein mutation that causes FFI.

NIAID Study Reveals, Compares Prion Strains

For decades, scientists have wondered how different strains of prions can propagate when they do not carry their own genes with them as they move from host to host. A new study from NIAID researchers and colleagues reveals how differences in the folding of the primary protein of prions (PrP) can help determine the distinct characteristics of prion strains.

30-Year NIAID Project Reveals Structures of Infectious Prions

For 30 years a group at NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories worked to define the structure of an infectious prion protein. Last winter, during a pandemic and working 2,000 miles from collaborators, they finished. Or is this a new beginning?


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